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Living The Life Of The Spirit

It is theĀ  desert experiences that make possible the beauty of the valley. The small painful moments that prepare us to face the big dramatic ones with courage and fortitude. It is only when we are empty that That God … Continue reading

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Another Desert Experience

For the nth time, my life has again been turned upside down, tossed around and about, topsy-turvy as in a state of utter confusion. We have pulled up our stakes again and made yet another major move – this time … Continue reading

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Journeying With Mindfulness

To arrive at a destination usually means to level up. Every ending contains the seeds of a new beginning. Each arrival is but the preparation for another departure. I recall my days in the corporate world where the bosses and … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2018, II

We see what we seek We find what’s in our mind. We search and then discover we had it all the while. The earth and nature bequeaths their tresures to those who would stop and listen in the silence. Just … Continue reading

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Because I am, I Have Everything I Need

These are miner’s lettuce. They grow wild along many of the hiking trails we go to, specially in wide open fields. They add a dainty white delicacy to a scenery of wild flowers abloom in springtime. They are also a … Continue reading

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Deepening My Lenten Experience

Nature strips herself in the Fall Then she lays bare in the Winter As she prepare herself for the blooming in the Spring So she can celebrate gloriously in the Summer. That is cycle of life. We often forget it … Continue reading

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It takes at least two persons to have a conversation. And it takes both speaking and listening to carry it on. Often, the listening part of a conversation is overlooked; yet it is even more important than talking for a … Continue reading

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