Let The Children . . .


Children are a blessing. No one and nothing can give us more joys and happiness. Babies evoke the deepest love from those around them. Nothing can be sweeter-smelling than a baby’s breathe. Nothing softer or smoother than a baby’s skin. No sound more soothing than the cooing or the gurgling of a baby. I find it difficult to imagine how one baby can ever be unwanted.

More babies and more lives are lost to abortion that any other leading cause of death in the US. It is tragic how the wealthiest nations on earth can countenance and even legalize the killing of babies in the womb. It is a sing of the sickness and decadence in society today. It is a devastating thought that such crime is inflicted on defenceless and helpless persons.

Even more devastating is the continuing and continuous crimes committed against children. They are usually the first and most hapless victims to the incessant wars we humans wage against one another. Then, there are the millions of children that die of hunger and malnutrition when we have the wherewithal to wipe out hunger. I mourn for the millions more young lives that are subject to abuse and neglect because parents don’t care or don’t know any better.

I am inspired by families that nurture and raise special children. They are not easy to take care of. But when they care truly and their special children are courageously cared for, theirs is an oasis of love and caring in world going mad with indifference and selfishness. I have seen it often enough to realize that such families have a happiness that is more deeply rooted and not easily taken away. I can play in my mind the blessings and joys these families have received because they have had to care for one special child.

Ours is by and large a sick and decadent society. We can start healing when we come to truly appreciate the gift that children are and reciprocate the care and love that they so freely give and bring us.

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