I used to love get-togethers and being with people.
It must be something that I learned or got from Ima.
I loved inviting friends and families to such gatherings
and I love being invited to such gatherings.
I imagine Jesus must also have loved get-togethers.
He attended weddings, feasts, had dinner with friends, visited relatives
and, yes, he even went to funerals.
He had many stories comparing the kingdom of heaven to a banquet, a great feast.
Such gatherings are a celebration and strengthening of relationships.

It has been rather difficult for me to be in such gatherings lately.
You see, my hearing is not as good as it used to be;
and I have always been hard of hearing.
And at my age, I feel more comfortable being alone.
People close to me make adjustments.
But I hate it having to explain to others that I have hearing problems.
Still, I love being with people.
But I have come to terms with silence and being alone.

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