Mother Mary Comes To Me


Yesterday was the feast of La Naval, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. It’s fiesta in Quezon City and Angeles, coincidentally the two cities I consider home. Marian devotion has always been a hallmark of Catholicism. Catholic lore is replete with stories of holy men and women with great devotion to Mary. Throughout history, Marian apparitions have been authenticated in many places: Lourdes, Fatima, Guadalupe, LaVang. In the Philippines, every region and every province have their own unique Marian devotion. This devotion is often very emotional and goes deep into the soul and hearts of people.

Pan now to the American culture, which is very technology-driven, rational and highly pragmatic. And yet, watch Americans in sports arenas; and it is all heart, all emotions. The heroics and guts of the athletes defy the numbers and statistics to always come with highly emotion-charged plays. I come to learn and understand many things through logic and reason. But I often rely on my heart and soul for my life decisions. It is in the loving arms of my mother that I learned the language of the heart and emotions.

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