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The Super Moon, My Special Birthday Gift

Last night, I went out to take this photo of the ‘Super Moon’. Dark. Somber. Brooding. Kind of melancholic with only the outlines of the landscape visible. This Super Moon is closer to us by some 50,000 miles than when … Continue reading

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When I’m Sixty-four

I am marking another milestone and passing through another threshold tomorrow. Now, I can really sing one of my favorite Beatles song: “When I’m sixty four!” I feel that I am coming full circle. I am coming back to where … Continue reading

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Where My Heart Is

I was watching a video the other day on how to live a good life by managing one’s finances very well. The speaker counseled viewers to live within their means. That sounded like a sound advice. What he said next … Continue reading

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Our Father

I love praying the Lord’s Prayer. Biblical scholars agree that the ‘Our Father’ are the very words (ipsissima verba) of Jesus himself. They reflect the mind and heart of Christ. I get to see a glimpse of the person that … Continue reading

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My Life Is a Garden

I have had my moments when I thought I could and tried to save the world; or at least change it in a major kind of way; or at the very least make a big contribution that would be the … Continue reading

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Easy Answers Are Often the Wrong Answers

Though people often take the path of least resistance and would rather take it nice and easy, our natural state is not one of rest and comfort but one of movement and struggle. Sure, I need periodic moments of rest … Continue reading

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Generosity is the Hallmark of Love

I grew up in an environment and around people who took parenting seriously. I know of fathers, who would slave it out, sometimes in boring jobs or back-braking work, to be able to provide for their family. I know of … Continue reading

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