Independence and Freedom of Choice

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Today is Philippine Independence Day.
I did not ask to be born Filipino but am grateful to be one.
In spite of what the country is going through at the moment,
I am proud of the achievements of our nation
and of individual Filipinos on the world stage.
While I am sad that we seem to be forever stuck in mediocrity as a nation;
I love how we are known for our hospitality and welcoming nature;
I love how we excel in service professions and in the field of entertainment;
I love how we are so family-centered and -oriented,
sacrificing anything and everything just for them.
Yes, I love being a Filipino.

Neither did I ask to be born a Christian
but I have always felt led into the paths of love preached by Christ.
I am inspired by what I have learned as a Catholic.
While I am sad that we have yet to flower fully as a Christian nation;
I love out steadfast devotion to the Christian faith;
I love how the Christian message permeates much of our communal lives;
I love the generosity of spirit that Christianity has engendered in the Filipino soul.
Yes, I love being a Filipino Christian.

Neither did I ask to be born in my family of origin
but am grateful for the home that Ima and Tatang raised us up in.
It was there I learned about caring and sharing.
We did not have much growing up I never felt in want for anything while growing up.
I love reminiscing our family meals;
I love remembering the games I played with my brothers and sisters.
I love going back to those years when faced with adversity as an adult.
Yes, I love growing up and being a Quiazon.

I hope I am able to do as much and even more for
my country,
my faith community,
my family.

Aside from these given,
I do have a choice in everything else I do.

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