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It Only Takes a Spark

Several years back, there was all this excitement over the discovery of the Higgs boson. Scientists have never seen it but have believed it existed ever since it was postulated. This one tiny almost invisible particle holds the key to … Continue reading

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How Can One Not Believe?

It takes the light of the sun eight minutes to reach us on earth. We are looking at some galaxies and stars whose light left some 15 billions years ago and we are seeing them only now. Imagine the magnitude … Continue reading

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The Real Treasure

The great savant Carl Sagan once remarked that it is the height of self-conceit for man to believe that he and the earth he lives in is the center of the universe. Indeed, in the vastness and grandeur of the … Continue reading

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Nature Alive Means People Alive

Life is so powerful it will not be denied. Life will always find a way to express itself. Living in the Santa Clara/Silicon Valley has made me even more appreciative of this fact. San Jose sits at the confluence of … Continue reading

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How Love Is Life-Giving

The Gospel that Christ preached is built on but one imperative – his great commandment of love. God created us out of love and it is our nature to love. But love is never easy. It is demanding and it … Continue reading

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From Our Senses And Beyond

We have our senses to connect to the world around us. With our eyes, we can see the beauty and colors around us, the shifting and the changing through the day and the seasons. Our ears let us hear the … Continue reading

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White Noise

Anabelle and I were in the US to visit Mihaela, our fourth grandchild. She is so adorable. And what a fortunate baby she is. We were impressed at how hands-on as parents Mickey and Iulia are. I do not remember … Continue reading

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