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It takes a village to raise a child. I grew up in what was then the small town of Angeles. And now that I am advanced in years, I keep bumping into people from those days. Somehow, they are still … Continue reading

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More Wonder In Ordinary Life Than In Miracles

The sun comes up every new day without fail. A great blessing that I am given another 24 hours to live. Another full day to enjoy the blessings of life. And often, I take the day for granted as though … Continue reading

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The Mustard Seed

The mustard seed – the smallest of seeds Yet when full grown, it is the largest of plants. The primeval particle – seemingly inconsequential Yet with the Big Bang, it gives birth to the entire cosmos. A humble maiden gives … Continue reading

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With the Trinity for Eternity.

We are stardust. This may sound like a romantic expression of who and what we are. But it is a scientific fact. Amazing how we have emerged from that primeval explosion of a single particle. In that primal moment were … Continue reading

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Walking the Road to Emmaus

The Emmaus story has always been a source of endless inspiration for me. Three figures walking on a long and dusty road, talking about recent events in their lives, two burdened with sorrow, the other listening with a caring heart … Continue reading

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Recurring Themes in My Life

I never really see the fullness of reality. I enjoy a beautiful scene and am overcome by emotions. At the same time, something inside me tells me that this is not all there is to reality. I am catching but … Continue reading

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The Loving Presence in My Life

Life is full of wonder and mystery. There is magic in every moment. There is a thrill always waiting just around the bend. I do not recall being asked if I wanted to be born and yet here I am. … Continue reading

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