Hail, Mary!


Our usual image of Mary is that of a calm and collected lady.
But I would imagine her otherwise during those days surrounding the birth of Jesus.
Here was a young maiden betrothed to a man who was probably much older than she.
Then, there was this mysterious apparition where
an angel told her she would become pregnant.
Her betrothed was of course shocked and was ready to break off with her quietly
to save both of them from the scandal and embarrassment.
They probably had a fight or big misunderstanding.
And she flew off to visit her cousin Elizabeth in some distant part of Judah.
After a few months with her cousin, her husband came to fetch her.
Apparently, he has had a change of mind.
But it was mainly because there was an imperial census mandated
and they had to register in his town of origin.
And there her due time arrived and she would deliver her baby.
But there was no room for them in the inn.
The only place they could find to stay was a stable.

This story sound so different from the Christmas story we are familiar with.
The reason for the bi difference is the faith of Mary, as expressed by her ‘Fiat’.
It is also the reason behind Joseph’s gracious acceptance of Mary’s condition.
Faith transforms even the most difficult situation into a celebration.
There is lot we can learn by saying ‘Fiat’ like Mary,
to life and to God’s will, to whatever may come our way.
Faith makes the difference.


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