De Rerum Natura

In His glory, in His new life we partake

It is the nature of the sun to burn and to shine.
In the process it gives light and energy to everything around it for millions of miles.
Yet, it is but one of a billion stars in a medium-sized galaxy.

It is the nature of the planets to revolve around the sun.
In the process they draw sustenance and direction from it.
And in one pale blue dot nearby, a garden paradise emerges.

It is the nature of the earth to harbor all kinds of living things.
In the process give rise to all kinds of intelligent and feeling life forms.
And among all these living creatures, there is man to enjoy it all.

It is in the nature of things to bloom and grow.
In the process, things become better but also sometimes worse.
It is in the nature of things to grow old and eventually die.
But old things also become better and more precious.

It is in my nature to love and care;
and in the process be able to give of myself, my life and energy to others.
It is in my nature to keep connected to a center
that keeps me in my orbit and gives me a sense of direction. I

t is in my nature to nourish and nurture my relationship with every life form
by caring and sharing the one earth we live in.

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