For the Motherland

Yesterday was about our love for our mothers.
Today is about our love for the motherland as Filipinos troop to the polls.
The other day I saw this picture posted on Facebook.
And I realized that it captures how we are today as a nation,
How divided we are as a people for reasons often very shallow and flimsy.


Some people see the pink and white. Others see green and grey. Still others see both. And there were those who see pink and white and then green and grey depending on the time of day or how they are feeling, or even whom they are with. I myself see green and grey. And now while I am typing this, I am seeing pink and white. And yet, we are all looking at the same picture.

We Filipinos have and love the same country the Philippines. And yet, we see and experience her in many different ways. Some see her progressing and happy. Others see her as miserable and in great troubles. Others say we are doing very well. Others say we are going to the dogs. Still others think we are doing okay but could do better. And being the emotional people that we are, we cannot seem to set aside our differences to work for the common good. Instead, our emotions drive us to see our differences and causing the deep divisions among us. This is so sad.

We have but one country. What will it take for us to work together for our country? We have a people that is among the most talented in the world. We have a country so richly blessed in natural resources in spite of the fact that we have been despoiling her all these years. We have a culture of kindness and hospitality that is the envy of other nations. We have a nationals character that is so welcoming and comforting that visitors love to come and stay and we when abroad are broadly welcomed and often invited to stay. And yet, we are forever caught in a catch-up game with our neighboring countries when it comes to economic progress.

I find great consolation in my Christian faith. And today’s Gospel reading somehow lifts up my spirit, “I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.”  Yet, when I look around, I ask “Is this the abundant life that has been promised us?”

I am looking and waiting for answers.


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