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Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans

Jesus began speaking in the synagogue, saying: “Today this Scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing.” And all spoke highly of him and were amazed at the gracious words that came from his mouth. They also asked, “Isn’t this the … Continue reading

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A Heart Of Stone Is A Heavy Burden

A heart of stone is a heavy heart to carry. Right now, I am carrying the burden of hurt and broken relationships. There are several of my relationships with people who are close and ear to me that are frayed … Continue reading

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Life Is Like a Plane Ride

This morning, I would have liked to pray about the importance of the individual, about how one person can change the world. My impression is that American society is an individualistic society, putting a high premium on the individual and … Continue reading

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On Fasting

There is something about fasting that is liberating. We have a natural tendency, an instinct, to preen and look after ourselves. This often goes to extreme and people become too self-engrossed, thinking only of themselves. Fasting allows us to stop … Continue reading

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Dust To Dust

Today is the beginning of the lenten Season, not only for Catholics but for all peoples of the Cross. I know that there but for the grace of God, I would have remained but a clump of dust and mud, … Continue reading

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Be. Gentle.

It is a chaotic and violent universe out there: new stars continuously exploding into existence even as old ones implode into black holes, galaxies spinning forward at breakneck speed and colliding forcefully with one another. And in one little corner … Continue reading

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Believing Is a Gift and a Decision

Today science and technology has created so many marvels that have life more enjoyable and easier all around. But it has also bred a culture of cynicism and utilitarianism. What cannot be observed and measured cannot be managed and often … Continue reading

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