I have always been a dreamer, an idealist. I sometimes imagine myself as one little candle trying to dispel as much darkness as I can.
Humbly, I acknowledge that I have received this light as a gift, freely and unmerited.
And I have shared this light through my work of teaching to dispel the darkness of ignorance;
through my engagements in healthcare to dispel the darkness that comes with the pain of sickness.
If I should be remembered I would want it to be for the people I have mentored, taught and helped change their lives;
and for the people who lives I have helped put back together and made whole again either physically, spiritually and psychologically.
And as I go into my latter years, all this caring comes back to me more focused as I share in helping care from those closest to me to the strangers whom I serve anonymously.
As I help teach and make them whole and more complete, I remember and pray for all of the people who have taught me and  made me whole and complete.

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