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Saint Andrew Apostle

This is Saint Andrew’s Cross. Today is the Feast Day of Saint Andrew, the first apostle to be called by Jesus. He is the patron saint of Scotland, Russia and Greece, places known for rebellions and revolutions. Today is also … Continue reading

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Justice, Peace and Forgiveness

The road to justice and peace is long and arduous. And the only one that will truly get us there is the road paved with forgiveness. When I am wronged, I want justice and retribution; but when I do wrong … Continue reading

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A Day Of Peace

Today marks the date that martial law was declared in the Philippines in 1972. It was a dark period in our history. It was a time of fear, repression and oppression. In its later years, it was a reign of … Continue reading

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How Many More Deaths Till The Guns Are Silenced?

I watch with great sadness the endless cycle of violence throughout the world: from open conflicts over territory and borders, to simmering low-level conflicts waged against minorities and the marginalized, to terrorist attacks meant to sow fear and terror against … Continue reading

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The Earth Is the Lord’s Vineyard

The earth is God’s vineyard and we are His tenants. Service and care for ┬áthe earth is the rent we pay for our stay and usufruct. As stewards of this beautiful place we are to treat it with respect and … Continue reading

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We Will Always Remember

  There we were, eight young men waiting around for somebody to hire us. A learned man came along and said, “Come, I know Someone who has need of your services.” And we followed him with enthusiasm. We worked during … Continue reading

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Life is One Insoluble Puzzle

We know what is good for us. These are the deep longings in our hearts. Love, peace, compassion, brotherhood. Yet, we end up doing the opposite. Wars, violence, conquest, oppression. Many in the West are spurred by greed and selfishness. … Continue reading

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Imagine a World Without Children

Imagine a world without children. It would be a sad and lonely place. In fact, it would be a dying world. The greatest joys of my being a grandparent has been the privilege and opportunity in being part of the … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Peacemaker

Pope Francis has made history again by inviting the Presidents of Israel and Palestine to a Prayer Summit at the Vatican.┬áDuring the service, Jewish, Christian and Muslim prayers were recited in English, Italian, Arabic and Hebrew. There was an Imam, … Continue reading

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Social Justice

Because we have evolved from apes, there are still brutish tendencies in us. Because we were born in sin, there are still a lot of imperfections and weaknesses in us. During the time of Jesus, slavery was an acceptable practice … Continue reading

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