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Doing Humble Service

I am saddened by many of our Church leaders in the Philippines at how they can be so out of touch with the signs of the times, how they can be so intolerant as to call hellfire and brimstone upon … Continue reading

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Life Is Great. So How Come I Act Like This Was All A Random Event?

Life is a great gift. For all the difficulties in living, it is still wonderful to be alive. I came from my parents but that does not explain to me why I am here. I am deeply grateful to the … Continue reading

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Morals and Laws

In a perfect world, what is moral and what is legal are one and the same thing. But often, what is legal is not necessarily legal. For the longest time, slavery was an accepted practice and was perfectly legal even … Continue reading

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Making Room For Grace

When I am full of myself, I have no room for others in my life. If I am too busy with my concerns, I cannot be concerned about others. Oh, sometimes I make a little room for others to come … Continue reading

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Hope Is Unwavering Trust That My Water Will Turn Into Wine

Some of the most touching and poignant moments during a Discovery Weekend happen during the Cana Meditation on Sunday morning. After a day of Faith (Friday) and a day of Love (Saturday), a couple caps their weekend together with a … Continue reading

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Yesterday Could Have Been Just Another Ordinary Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It was a warm, sunny winter’s day. Anabelle and I spent the most of it in Napa with Margie and capped it with dinner with Roy and Mila in El Sobrante. It was already an … Continue reading

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Body And Soul

One can look at the human body mechanistically and realize what an amazing machine the human body is. It is the only machine that can repair itself. Or one can look at man as an embodied spirit and see what … Continue reading

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