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Life Is Better Lived In The Active Voice

Being good is not easy. Keeping the ten commandments is difficult. I have often transgressed many times and usually the same ones every time. But the ten commandments are but the bare minimum to a just and upright life. When … Continue reading

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To Be Tempted is To Be Human

God was proud of his servant Job for he was a just and upright man, praising and thanking God every moment of his life. The devil said that was because God showered Job with all good things and countless blessings. … Continue reading

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Love, Not Money, Makes the World Go Around

I recently came across the story of Sabsy Ongkiko, a graduate of the Ateneo University, who gave up better job offers to become a public school teacher. Hers is a very inspiring story. And the heartening thing about her story … Continue reading

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Life is Meant To Be Lived in Joy and Happiness

Somewhere in my childhood, I was brought up often believing that having fun was somehow a sin; that life was not meant to be enjoyed but to be borne and endured; that one should consciously seek out pain and suffering … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

Today is the Feast of Saint Valentine and Valentine’s Day is a big thing back in the Philippines, second perhaps only to Christmas for people to give gifts and to eat out to celebrate. Indeed, Filipinos are a very loving … Continue reading

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It is Ash Wednesday.

Today is the start of Lent and we celebrate it with a public acknowledgment of our mortality through the imposition of ashes on our foreheads. Lent is a journey with God. We start with the fragility of our existence and … Continue reading

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Traditions and Spontaneity

I love traditions and deep down, I suspect I am really a traditionalist, for all my pretensions to being a liberal. I love the traditions I learned from my mother and father: how to behave with elders, what to do … Continue reading

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Healing is Making Whole

I have worked many years working in the health industry. And I have noticed a difference in the art and science of medicine between Western medicine and Oriental medicine. Western medicine has focused on the science part, on symptoms and … Continue reading

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God Would Have Made a Very Bad HRM Manager

I used to do Human Resources Management, where I researched, recruited and retained excellent people for the companies I worked for. I looked for people who had top caliber talents, demonstrable skills and credentialed experience. Mediocre, unskilled and inexperienced people … Continue reading

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The Hymn of the Universe

I love the image of a beating heart as the symbol of life and love. The constant and rhythmic alternate contraction and relaxation of the heart muscles send life-giving blood coursing throughout the body. When someone says “My heart beats … Continue reading

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