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Inane Verses In the Face of Our National Calamity

Life is short and life is fragile We live on this earth but for a while It is just like we are passing through Seeking to make sense of what we do. Man works hard and tries to build up … Continue reading

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Pray Without Ceasing

A scenic beach is always a sight to behold The rocks, the sand and the cliffs of gold Such a breath-taking place is easy to have Just let the endless rhythm of wave after wave. Stalactites and stalagmites are also … Continue reading

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Why light a candle in the dark? Its flame is but a feeble flickering against the power of the dark. Just let the darkness envelope me and Swallow me into nothingness. Why light a candle in the day? Its light … Continue reading

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Putting Out Into the Deep

The happiest and most fulfilling times in my life have been those times when I had put out into the deep and dared. My disappointments and regrets have been those times when I did not dare, kept very close to … Continue reading

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The Good Shepherd

There has always been a hunger and thirst in the human soul that no material goods or possessions can ever sate. At the heart of this hunger is the gnawing human insecurity that in the grand scheme of things, I … Continue reading

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Just Another Ordinary Day?

When I am convinced that I am right, who can convince me that I am wrong? It is very difficult for me to hear what the other person is saying or to see what he is trying to tell me. … Continue reading

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God Would Have Made a Very Bad HRM Manager

I used to do Human Resources Management, where I researched, recruited and retained excellent people for the companies I worked for. I looked for people who had top caliber talents, demonstrable skills and credentialed experience. Mediocre, unskilled and inexperienced people … Continue reading

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My Damascus Is Not One Of Blinding Light But Of Groping In Shadows

I always experience a certain thrill in being the first to announce some good news. Unfortunately, that is also true when it comes to bad news. But people have always loved passing on information, either in the form of news … Continue reading

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Conversation and Prayer

I love engaging in conversations, from light banter to witty repartee to deep philosophical or theological discussions. I love telling and listening to stories, the funny and the inspiring ones specially. When I am sad or when I am happy, … Continue reading

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Living in Hope

My daily routine these days is pretty much ordinary: I wake up early to spend my first waking moments in prayer and then face the day with optimism, expecting things will become better and that the best is yet to … Continue reading

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