The Attitude of Gratitude – Day 3

P1550432Today, I thank God for family and friends
and say ‘Thank you’ to those
who have accompanied me in my life’s journey.

I thank them for the happy times,
and these memories are with me forever,
that were made possible because of them,
and sharing these happy times with them
even added to and multiplies the joy and happiness
of the moments.

I thank them for staying with me during the sad moments as well.
They said nothing.
They did nothing.
They simply stayed.
For sorrows shared are sorrows divided and subtracted.

I thank the people and friends through whom God has touched my life.
A touch, a word of advice, a smile, a hug.
They are all what I sometimes need to get me through.
There were the push and the shove and the strong helping hands
that helped me climb a mountain, cross a river, or surmount a big obstacle.

I thank the strangers and and random acquaintances,
who have serendipitously appeared in my life,
just at the right moment,
to deliver aid and offer assistance.

My life has been rich and full
because of all the people whom
I have meet along the way.
Some have moved on and some have stayed.
Others have remained to become fast friends
and others have vanished with me not even knowing their names.

My life has been richly blessed.
And I thank all the people who have joined me in my journey.
I was never alone for there was always someone by my side.

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