The Attitude of Gratitude – Day 2


One tip to being happy is to thank God for everything you have. Literally, I count my blessings, writing down the things I have in life that give me happiness. From the smallest, like a kiss, a hug, a smile, a wave. To the biggies, like the joy of having raised three terrific sons, of them gifting me with three, soon to be four, delightful grandchildren. I often begin thanking God for the gift of life and I can come up with an endless list of blessings just because I am alive.

But it is when I find the grace to thank God when I have troubles and during the storms and tempests in my life that I tear up in thanking God. I do not pray for these unpleasant times. Like Christ, I ask the Father to let these cups of sorrows pass. Often, I act like Job, asking Him, “WHY?” or “Are you here?” or “Do you even listen?” or “Do you even exist?”

But in moments of silence and solitude, in moments of light and in the presence of God, I realize that God has done and is doing more for me during these terrible times than during the time of joy and laughter and exhilaration and happiness. Behind the storm clouds are indeed clear silver linings. And out of these distinct silver lining are the streams and rays of God’s grace shining through.

Today, I am thankful for the difficult and troubles times in my life. If I am any kinder or gentler or even just a little bit more patient and forgiving; if I am capable of being even just a little more generous, loving and caring; it was because of the storms and tempests that God has allowed to come into life. It is in those moments just before the dark clouds clear up that I soon realize that God was sleeping in my boat all the while. Ready to save and help me one more time from all my troubles and worries.


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