A New Year’s Eve Spirit Moment

Reposting my New Year’s reflection from five year ago. This blog is now into its sixth year.

Another Kairos/Chronos realization for me.
When we spend time, we are productive and make money. But it is sooner than later gone. This is Chronos time. It is about making a living.
When we make time, we store memories and create relationships. These stay with us forever. This is Kairos time. It is about making/having a life.

Spirit Moments


Another year is about to end and a new one will be upon us in a few more hours. We celebrate the event with a lot of noise and fanfare, marking yet another transition for us ~ new beginnings, new hopes, fresh starts and fresh dreams. Yet in the heavens, it is just another moment for the stars and the planets and the sun as they inexorably and silently move on along their preordained paths. Life goes on in the universe.

In the midst of all the noisy celebrations, in the quiet moments early on New Year’s Eve, I spent some silent moments to recall and be grateful for all that came into my life in 2012. It has been a year punctuated by celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, made memorable by visits to and from friends and family, invigorating hikes in the most beautiful nature spots, spending moments and…

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