Thorny Flowers


It has been a weekend of pain and suffering,
brought about by anger, violence and hatred.
Las Vegas. Edmonton. Marseille.
Before those, Charlottesville. London. Barcelona.
How can we keep on inflicting pain and suffering
on one another?

We humans are a sorry and messy lot.
We fail, we make mistakes – plenty of them –
and we keep on hurting one another.
Sure there are moments of joy and happiness
but these moments are always punctuated
by pain and sorrow, hurts and disappointments.
When one day we are all in heaven,
we will probably look back to these moments of
failures, mistakes and errors with much remorse and regret.
But it seems to me that pain and hurt and sufferings
are an essential part of what it is to be human.
We are created called to the Divine.
But evil is real and we often succumb to it.
I set my eyes to that which I know
I am being called to.
And of my present hurts and difficulties,
I calmly say that this too will pass away.

Impermanence makes goodness and beauty possible.
Pain and suffering will pass away.
We will forget most of it eventually.
Some will linger and even fester for some time.
Sometime, it main remain for a long time.
But I believe we were made for joy and peace and love.

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