I believe . . . .


In this weary world we live in, full of restless lives, unfulfilled hopes and broken dreams,
I need to constantly affirm what I believe in.

I believe that light is stronger than darkness,
that love is mightier than anger and hate,
that life is more powerful than death.

Through my dark moments, I struggle towards the light.
In the face of fear, anger and hatred, I walk and work in love.
In death, I see the rebirth of all that I hold dear and long for.

I believe that light is but the reflection of the divine presence that energizes us all.
I believe that love is alive in my relationships with other,
without whom my own life and continuing existence would not be possible.
I believe there is more to life than what I can immediately see or perceive
and that there is a lot more about it I need to know, learn and understand.
I believe these moments are the promptings of the power
that has culled me out of non-being into existence, from darkness into light
and from insignificance to a life of meaning and relationships.

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