Love Not Possible Without Faith

Four years ago taday, I wrote . . . .

Spirit Moments


Love literally makes my living worthwhile. But, I can love only because I believe. I stand in awe at the majesty and grandeur of nature and I am overcome by the presence of a Creator I cannot fully know nor understand. I merely catch a glimpse of the God who has made all these things around me. My feeble mind cannot even start to comprehend who or what He is. I take everything else about Him in Faith. Believing in this Divine Presence I allow myself to be soaked in His love, grateful for the gift of life and existence. I believe and I realize how deeply I have been loved and only desire to love back in return.

I have loved special people in my life. These all started with an initial attraction where I caught a glimpse of the goodness, kindness, beauty, greatness or truth in them. I…

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