“Yesterday” – The Movie

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Anabelle and I finally got to see the movie “Yesterday”. The basic premise of the movie is very preposterous and I couldn’t start imagining my life without it. What if we wake up one morning and no one remembers the songs of the Beatles? I would lose most of the soundtrack of my life, from my teenage years up to today.

The Beatles expressed for the early stirrings of young love with their teenybopper songs like “Love Me Do” or “I Saw Her Standing There” or “I Should Have Known Better”.  Or, the insecurities of adolescence as in “Help!” or “Hey Jude”. Or, the affirmations of early adulthood as in “All You Need Is Love”.  And then the bittersweet lessons of life in adulthood as in “Let It Be” or  “The Long And winding Road”. I can’t tell the story of my life (as in “In My Life”) without Beatles song coming into the picture. In fact, the Beatles seemed to be singing my life story in their songs.

It is amazing how they could put into words what I was going through. And their tunes and melodies always seem to echo the beat and tempo of what I was happening in my life. There must be a Universal Spirit where all of us participate that if one dips enough or goes deep down enough, he is able to capture and express what everyone else is thinking or feeling or even being. Deep down, we are all One. In reality, there is no yesterday nor today nor tomorrow. There is but the Eternal Now.

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