Yesterday, I had to be on the road very early.
It was still night time, just before the break of dawn.
It was a cloudy night and the full moon was still at its fulsome luminescence
although it was starting to wane.
The other side of the sky was clear and cloudless,
with Jupiter and Venus sparkling bright like eagerly awaiting the dawn.
I felt one with the Universe as I gazed at that heavenly sight.
With gladsome gratitude, I whispered a prayer of thanksgiving:
“I am part of all this grandeur and beauty.”

I am reminded of the same conversation
I have been having in my head all my life.
What is really out there?
Why do I feel so much a part of all that is?
Is there more than What I can perceive with my senses?
Can the things I just imagine be in fact a reality?

I must have been wondering these same questions
and having this same conversation even when I was in the womb.
If it were up to me and I had consciousness then,
I would probably not have wanted to leave the comfort
and security of my mothers’ wombs.
Little did we know what a wonderful life awaited us after delivery.
I did not see her but I felt her loving presence embracing me.
Yet, my senses affirmed to me only the existence of the womb I was in.
How could I have possible imagined what life beyond the womb would be?

My being here is proof of a loving creative Presence that made me possible.
Often, one other question I feel the need to answer is from this Loving Presence:
 “But who do you say that I am?”

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