A Moonlight Prayer


Last night’s full moon will be the biggest for this year.
I have always been a moon and a moony person.
A hopeless romantic is often seen as a lunatic.
I love mooning in the moonlight – in reverie, in a trance, alone.

When I am alone, we may succumb to feelings of loneliness.
But being alone is also a good occasion to realize
we are alone with God.
This is for me is the essence of prayer.
There are times that I am in the depths or in the dumps
and I just get down on my knees and cry out for help and consolation.
There are moments that I may feel bare and worthless
and I realize I am just being emptied prepared to receive more blessings.
There are some silent moments when I am overwhelmed with gratitude
for all the graces that have come my way,
many of which are undeserved and unexpected.
Being alone with God,
I often realize more deeply what a wonderful world indeed that we live in
and my prayer becomes an experience of wonderment.
Yet praying is not really being lonely for in being alone with God,
I am also drawn closer to others
– my loved ones, my friends, people I encounter during the day –
thanking God for their presence in my life and
praying for them and their needs.

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