Faith and Knowing


I do not need faith to know that there is a God. I simply have to look up to the heavens and see the beauty of the stars and the galaxy to know there is a Creator who made everything that exists. Nothing comes from nothing. If there is something, it must have come from something. And all it took is His Word, “Let there be light!” and everything got started with that first big bang of the primordial light.

I do not need faith to know that it took a Creator to breath life into inanimate, inorganic star dust and coax life out of the debris of stellar explosions. I know there is a God who transformed lifeless matter into living and feeling and thinking beings.

I do not need faith to know that life eventually became conscious and intelligent because a Creator breathed soul and spirit into living animals and there was man. I know that there is God who made men who have the ability to choose to do good instead of evil, to create beauty out of what is available, to proclaim the truth that there in in the universe. Indeed, a conscious, intelligent being in His image and likeness.

But I need faith to believe that this God, who created the stars and the universe also created me and called me by name. That He formed me in my mother’s womb and has written my name in the palm of His hands.

I need faith to believe that He has called me to enter into an intimate relationship with Him. That He wants only what is good for me. That He would keep a place in my heart just for Himself – If I would agree.

I need faith to believe that he became just like us to reveal to us what we would otherwise not be able to comprehend because He is the Totally Other. That when my time comes to give up this life, he has another kind of life waiting for me.

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  1. Wow. That was great. Thank for writing and sharing that.

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