Let the Children Teach Us


I love children and there are times I’d rather be with them than with adults.
I love how they look and see life and the world
with eyes of unending wonder and amazement.
They teach me everything I need to know about relationships:
totally accepting of everyone,
putting in no conditions,
not afraid to get hurt
and color-blind – including the color of money.
They are factory fresh and redolent of the smell and feel of their source.

I also think of all the children robbed of their childhood by illness, poverty and neglect.
Neither can I understand or accept the outright killing of the unborn through abortion.
How can we participate in God’s work of bringing beauty and innocence into the world
and then wantonly abandon it like it were thrash?
Children often teach us bigger and deeper lessons than anything we can ever hope to teach them.

The ‘lessons’ of life, which include fears, disappointments, frustrations and even betrayals, would later make them forget what life is all about and where they came from.

I find that rather sad.

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