Shades of Gray?


It is so easy to get bored.
But it is also quite easy to get engaged.
All it takes is a decision.
It is so easy to lapse into the routine and nestle in a comfort zone;
but life keeps on dealing us with surprises and the unexpected.
All it takes is a decision to accept what comes our way.
We wish that life were easier, free from pain and suffering.
But if it were so, there would be no joy
because we would have not tasted the bitterness of tears;
there would be no thrill because we would not have known what it is to triumph;
and there would be no scaling the heights because we have not negotiated the shadows.

It is easy to be enraged and indignant over big crimes and wrongdoings:
great injustices, extreme cruelty, massive frauds and corruption.
But it is easy to overlook small and petty bad behavior.
I sometimes catch myself feeling envy over the good fortune of others,
or feeling schadenfreude over their misery,
or nurturing hurts and refusing to forgive others.
These tend to fester and weaken my spirit in the long run.
I am as much in need of grace and salvation
as those I would condemn for their big wrongdoings or horrendous crimes.

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