Gratitude and Eternal Life


Today is the first day of Spring.
Nature is sprouting new and fresh life, as traces of winter fade away.
So much to be thankful for.
So many thing to be joyful about.
It is time for counting blessings.

I am blessed twice whenever I count my blessings:
first, when I actually receive the blessing;
and then second, when I recall and remember it in gratitude.
Often, I forget the blessings and graces I have received in life.
And even more often, I forget the source of all these blessings.
In prayer, I acknowledge all the graces and blessings
I have received in humble gratitude,
like emptying my cup to make it ready
to receive yet more blessings.

My greatest blessing and my biggest gift is my life.
It totally overwhelms me that I was created to live forever.
I sometimes struggle with belief in eternal life:
how can we live forever when everything eventually dies and rots.
But, I find some affirmation even in science.
Scientists know or, also believe?) that matter is indestructible.
Ice melts and disappears but the matter of which it is made of (H2O) becomes water. Water disappears but H20 persists and is transformed into steam or vapor or clouds.
The primal big bang was entirely made of hydrogen atoms.
Matter changes its form but it is never destroyed.
Indeed, once I begin to exist, I shall never cease to be.

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