The Heroic in the Ordinary


P1550622Everybody wants to be a hero. I know I do.
Everyone wants to make a difference and to leave behind a mark, a legacy.
But not everyone becomes a hero.
So, we turn to great men and women who are.
In my life, I have been often inspired and influenced by great speakers and writers. There are instances I have even followed and worked with some of these people.
There are two things I pray for:
that in the end all of these ideas and words they inspire me with
would come together in the One Source of all goodness and inspiration;
and that I will be blessed with the strength, courage and perseverance
to brings these words into fruition through my deeds and action.

I want my everyday to be different, unique and significant.
Yet there are times when it is just another ordinary day:
routine, uneventful, nothing much happening.
I guess I need such days to give me time and space to be free
and reflect on where I have come from and where I am still going,
what I have done and what I still need to do,
discovering the why in my days.
In a way, there are also opportunities for heroism in the ordinary.
To do the ordinary things in an extraordinary manner
is also to be a hero of the mundane and routine.
For, it is these people who actually make things happen in our ordinary lives.



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