New Year Declarations


In today’s Gospel, John the Baptizer was asked:
“Who are you?. . . . What do you say about yourself?”

The start of the year is a good time to reflect on these questions.
The secular world’s reply to these questions is increasingly becoming simplistic:
“I am who I am and who I am needs no excuses.”

My life is unique and my story is one of a kind.
I am an unrepeatable event: therefore, I am not for scientific analysis.
I am here for a reason and a purpose.
I have everything I need to realize that purpose.
And I shall be here until the reason for my being here is accomplished.

I am loved infinitely for who I am and therefore I need not be compared.
I define and decide my own being and happiness
and will not live my life through other people’s script.
At the same time, I have been gifted with Others
whom I can sing my unique song with
and weave a wondrous story only we could fashion together.
Its a wonderful life.

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