What is Time?


The end of a year and the beginning of a new one always rouses thoughts about time. They say time is more precious than gold. Wealth that is lost may be regained but time that is gone will never be recovered. And all out hopes and dreams are based on time. All our joys as well as sorrows. Everything that we are and do happens in time.

Yet, does time really exist? Or is it just a mental construct to help us define and make sense of our getting from here to there, or from now to then? Time cannot be seen, nor touched, nor tasted. Einstein even showed that time is relative. Time moves slower for one traveling at the speed of light than one who is just on earth. He even postulated that possibility of time travel.

In people’s personal lives, time seems to creep at a snail’s pace when they are in pain or in sorrow. And how fleeting time seems to be when we are happy and having fun. We often take time for granted because we are given 24 hours everyday we get up in the morning. And the strange thing is that the best gift we can give one another is our time. We stay with a loved one. We make our presence felt by spending time with them. And yet, it is very often that time is the most difficult thing to give or spare our loved ones.

How many times we have missed an important date with the family because we could not spare the time?How many important events in our children’s lives have we missed because we did not have the time?



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