An Easter Walk


Anabelle and I love to walk and we often go on hikes.
I love to feel the earth beneath my feet and relish her freshness sweet.
I love being surrounded by nature’s trees rather than the city’s streets.
I’d sooner go forest-bathing than to splash around in some resort pool.

And there is more to walking than simply treading or stomping the ground.
Like, what I love even more than simply walking is being able to walk away.
I have always been a glutton for recognition and affirmation.
I move on to other projects or to other engagements
when I don’t get my fix of ego-boosting strokes.
I recall the string of bosses I have worked for and
how I would hand in my resignation whenever I feel
I have not been given the recognition and affirmation I deserved.

But there are people and commitments I cannot walk away from.
These are the people I have pledged to keep in my heart forever.
These are the beliefs I will always hold deep in my heart even in times of serious doubts.
I am nailed down to them.
There are times it is not easy.
It is like feeling the pain and suffering of the cross.
But in the end, I realize Good Friday is not just about the pain
and the sufferings of being nailed to the cross,
but of staying fixed and not walking away
from the people I love and the beliefs that inspire my life.
And then I find myself walking that road to Emmaus
and enjoying the company of my Risen Lord,
relishing the glory and the joy of that first Easter morning.
I love doing my own walk to Emmaus.

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