Promise And Fulfillment


It is a beautiful world. We only need to look at nature to realize what a great gift it is that has been given to us. It could only have come from the Source of Beauty. Deep inside us, we know that all of this could not have just happened by chance. And the exciting thing about all of this is that the best is yet to happen.

In the great love story between the Creator and creation, there is a recurring pattern or theme of Promise and Fulfillment. Men see the promise behind an event, place or person. And then, they see that promise fulfilled.

The Israelites were aware of the promises of Yahweh. And they Yahweh was faithful to His promises and always fulfilled them. In fact, He often even exceed that he has promised. The People of God had a special prayer, the Dayenu  which literally means “It would have been enough.” It would have been enough even if God just delivered a mere portion of what He has promised and they would have been immensely grateful. But no, God delivered on His promise in full measure. And then some.

In the Bible, another promise that also keeps recurring is the promise and prophecy of the birth of a child: Isaac, Samson, John the Baptist, and of course, the Child Jesus. The promise and the birth of a child was always a welcome event. Every child that is born is a whole new bundle of promises. This is the reason why the birth of a child is always a wonderful event eagerly awaited with much joyful anticipation.

What has come upon the world for this to have changed so?  Now, children – in many places and for many people – are seen as a burden, their coming delayed for as long as possible and in some cruel cases, even aborted. We are indeed a people in need of redemption.

The Savior needs to come and be born among. Now. Today

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