Nature’s Selfie


I caught Nature one morning taking a selfie of herself.
She had no camera but the lake waters were calm and clear.
It was also a clear and chilly wintry morning with blue skies.
The lighting was perfect for for such a wonderful day.
The leaves still had their autumn colors.
And the waters reflected faithfully the blue of the sky.
Nature was resplendent in her beauty.
The colors and composition of the scene perfectly captured
the goodness – there was nothing that was out of place.
Nature was but reflecting the beauty and the goodness of her Creator.

The surrounding mountains complete the scene.
Gently rolling slopes covered with vegetation.
But the hue and tint of the heights was not green,
as it should be because of the trees,
but blue – the reflection of the skies above.
It was a clear day.
There were no clouds to block the view nor the sun.
The mountains were majestic in their grandeur.
Made of stardust, they bring life to everything
on, around, above, under and within them.
Nature, through the awesome blue mountains,
was but reflecting the grandeur of her Creator.

When I take a selfie and see the person that is me,
do I mirror back the beauty and goodness of my Creator?
am I awed by the grandeur and awesomeness within me?
yet, like Nature, can just keep calm and silent?
and perhaps utter a simple and humble prayer of gratitude?

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