New Year’s Day


A little boy romping on the beach,
And it is early New Year’s Day.
The waves are pounding at his feet.
With nary a care, totally lost in play.

The waves roll on and the years pass by,
The little boy grows up to become a man.
In yet a little while, he has a family of his own.
And on a New Year’s Day, brings to this beach his son.

The sea. The waves. Pretty much remain the same.
But changes happen in the lives of everyone.
We mark our lives with the passing of the years.
To remember, celebrate the things we’ve done.

The sea and the sky, the moon and the stars
Like nature, they change ever so slowly.
It has always been by these that all lovers
have pledged their love to be sacred and holy.

Each New Year’s day is but a time
to mark the passing of the season.
But it is our daily lives that matter
to give our being here a joyful reason.

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