Get Up And Go On The New Year

It is the second day of the New Year and it is back to the regular grind for most people. The early risers and the achievers have started off at the break of dawn and soon everyone will be busy with the hustle and bustle of daily life. Some are off to fulfill their 2015 dreams and plans; others are on their way to amass more wealth; still others are now busy doing what they are good at doing or simply love doing. And still there are the precious others who have woken up with joy in their hearts and a grateful smile on their faces, willingly glad to share their day and gifts with others. It is like the whole of humanity in now on the go again on this great journey we call life.

And as with any journey or trek, there will be the strugglers. There will be the dieingly sad who have not gotten up from their beds because of some physical or mental or spiritual malady afflicting them. Some will not survive the day. Some will not survive the year.

There are those who have to literally force themselves out of bed because life is simply such a terrible burden for them. They may not have enough food or clothing or shelter to even want to take one step forward. Or, their spirits might be so broken there in no sense in getting up and going at all.

These are those that Pope Francis refer to them as living in the fringes and periphery of society. They are being left behind. I offer prayers for them today. I set aside my own troubles and commiserate with them in their misery and even despair. I give what I can for them. I will do what I can for them. Focus on what I can give and do for them will get me out of wallowing in excessive, self-absorbed unhappiness over my own concerns.

All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.
~ Psalm 98
This is the testimony of John.
When the Jews from Jerusalem sent priests and Levites to him
to ask him, “Who are you?”
He admitted and did not deny it, but admitted,
“I am not the Christ.”

“I am the voice of one crying out in the desert,
‘Make straight the way of the Lord,’
as Isaiah the prophet said.”
John 1:19-23

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4 Responses to Get Up And Go On The New Year

  1. Awesome post. God bless you.

  2. Newton’s 1st law of motion modified for people- People either remain at rest or remain in motion at constant velocity unless acted upon by an external force. You can be the external force that positively transforms rest into action and wrong action into right. God speed!

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