The Colors Of Grace


Today is the great feast of Mary,
she whom the angel hailed as full of grace
so full of grace Elizabeth declared her
as blessed among all women.

I am doing my morning prayers
and I am asking for my portion of daily grace
that I may be blessed like Mary was.
Maybe not as full but enough to last me for the day.

I was struck by this thought:
If one can imagine the colors of the wind,
can grace also come in different colors.
A smile crosses my lips as I imagne the colors of grace.

As I pray for my daily grace, I imagine a shower of gold
A pouring of bright sunshiny yellow stardust
Golden graces to fill my day with joy and happiness

There would be days I could imagine a shower of blue graces
Graces that bring peace, tranquility and equanimity,
which I need in making important decisions in my life.

There are days I need to make my decisions happen
to move and to act on my decisions
I imagine a downpour of green and brown graces
Green to help me make thing spring to life and grow
Brown to give me brawn for work
and the persistence to see things through.

There are days I am beset with anger, frustration,
and all sorts of temptation to give up and to just take things easy.
I imagine red graces would help me fight and overcome
the temptations that come my way.

Would there also be graces of black gold?
I Imagine moments of darkness in my life:
pain, suffering, trials, tribulations,
when things are not going right,
when things are falling apart,
I pray for black golden grace
to give me strength and courage,
patience and perseverance,
faith and fortitude,
until I see the light at the end of the tunnel,
when all the colors come together in a bright shining white light.
Then will I know the fullness of life
in the fulsome Presence of the Source of All Graces.

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