Birthdays and New Life


I celebrated my seven decades of a grace-filled life yesterday. And my youngest just reminded me that in those seven decades I have been responsible for seven new lives coming into the world. Sevenfold blessings for my seven decades of life. And I just  love this collage of the three beautiful princesses in my life today.

The birth of a child has always been seen as a blessing, a gift from heaven. I love the fresh, soft touch of a baby. I love the tenderness I feel when I hold on of these angels in my arms. I love their heavenly scent, that mint-fresh smell straight from their source. I can spend hours just holding one in my arms. And talking with a baby is among the most inspiring conversations I can imagine.

It is a very sad commentary on our society today that in many places and in many instances children born today are seen as a burden, as a problem. I share the anxiety of many over unplanned and even unwanted pregnancies. But to tolerate or even encourage the killing of unborn children is plain and simple murder. That there is life on earth is an awesome reality. That we should deliberately snuff out this life is a real tragedy.

Every baby born is an affirmation of worth and value from our Source and Creator.

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  1. Wow. 7 decades! Very inspiring. Lovely photos you have of your children. ❤️

  2. Happy Birthday 🎂🎈. Beautiful post ❤️

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