Some Covey Insights


I have learned a lot from Covey and his books and his workshops.
He popularized the word ‘proactivity’,
the ability to put a space between the stimulus and my response to situations.
In talking about proactivity, he explains that the reactive person always sees problems as being out there: “When we see the problem as being out there, that is the problem.”
People tend to project their weakness, faults and failures to others.
In fact, I notice that the things I find critical and reprehensible in others are the very things that I find most undesirable and hateful in myself.
When I accuse or label others, I am also passing judgement over myself.

When we judged and label others,
there is also the chilling reality of self-fulfilling prophecy.
We become what others thing we are.
Others become what we think they are.
We only need to look around to see how dirty talk lead to a dirty society.
Or notice how people become their best selves when we think highly of them.

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