The Morning After


The Moon on the night of the elections

The morning after the elections felt like Black Saturday: dejected, bitterly disappointed, feeling defeated. Like the two disciples on their way to Emmaus, I was feeling lost and disbelieving how things has turned out they way they did, hoping that “it was He who was going to¬†redeem Israel.” Instead, not one – not a single one – of those I had look to for some sense of hope for the country did not make it at all. But defeated and dejected, the two disciples soon realized that in the gathering darkness of the evening, there was a light that was showing them the way. It was not the light of the moon that shone that night. But the light was walking with them all along.

Christ was not the Messiah that the disciples expected who would liberate them from the Romans. In fact, Christ did not come preaching the downfall of the Roman Empire. Many people enjoyed the peace, security and prosperity that  Pax Romana afforded. And it would be another five centuries before this empire would fall. In the meantime, one Roman emperor after another tried to exterminate the nascent Christian churches in their realm. It was tough being a Christian then. We are probably sissies compared to the early Christians. And yes, many of them came from the Class CDE of the society then.

This is not clutching at straws. It is the purification and strengthening of my faith in the risen Lord during this Easter Season. Just as painful as Black Saturday is, I have been promised the joys and glories of Easter morn.

Thus, because of my Easter Faith, I shall choose to see opportunities to love and to serve rather than the obstacles to life. I shall focus on what I can do and I can control. I shall take this time as an opportunity to be strengthened and purified in what I believe and stand for. In the bleakness of Black Saturday, I shall see that there is a light that is showing me the way. And the light is with me. The light is within me. and because the Lord is with me, I am the light that he was speaking of.

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