The Mystery of Life and Eternity


There is something in me that know I will never die. There is a thirst and a hunger in me that cannot be satisfied. I long for the fullness of life where death has no power.

What am I most afraid of? Getting hurt, not being appreciated, not being of value or help to others specially to those I love, being alone and isolated, not accomplishing anything of significance.

Why am I afraid? Because I might not be able to handle the pain and suffering and I am broken beyond healing? Or, that I will be soon forgotten and not remembered by people dear to me? Or, that I will eventually succumb go death and be gone forever?

But isn’t this fear merely a phantom? Like a child afraid of the dark, aren’t my fears born out of my loneliness or even selfishness? For something in me or Someone out there tell me that once I start to be, I shall go on being forever.

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