From Our Senses And Beyond


We have our senses to connect to the world around us. With our eyes, we can see the beauty and colors around us, the shifting and the changing through the day and the seasons. Our ears let us hear the different melodies of nature and the universe. They also bring us the sweet voices and songs of people we love and care for. We touch, we smell, we feel all our pleasures through our senses. We also experience and succumb to our vices and weaknesses through the senses. Without them, we are but inert dust – unfeeling and dead.

And yet, there is more to life that what our sense perceive. We close our eyes and we see colors and possibilities we would never see without eyes open. We keep silent and shut out the noise and we hear more than what our ears alone can hear. We fast and abstain and we begin to appreciate simple tastes and touches.

For where the sense stop, our spirit takes over and show us the deeper reality of our lives. A reality where reason does not reign supreme but the heart does. A reality that starts with the senses but which brings us to another and higher dimension and level of existence. A dimension and level where all our hunger is satisfied and all out thirst is slaked.

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