Being Transfigured


In the beginning, just before theBig Bang, there was just a singularity of a particle,
And all particles have an energy inside them waiting to burst forth.
Energy that is equal to its weight multiplied by the speed of light.
Indeed, everything that exists carries almost infinite possibilities.
A tiny seed contains a life aching to be expressed.
And every human person has within him the seeds of eternal light.

Anywhere there is matter, there will be energy.
Anywhere there is energy, there will be light,
Anywhere there is light, there will be life.
And anywhere there is life, there was love before.

Because the universe in here, existence is stronger than non-being.
Because energy is here, light is stronger than darkness.
Because life is here, we have been loved into existence.
And because we can love, we have been loved priorly.

There is in every person what it takes to live in eternity.   IMG_20190202_153056-ANIMATION
There is in everyone of us that same light and energy
that sparked the universe into existence.
Thus, at the end of life, we do not walk towards the light.
Instead, the light within us will break out and burst forth
to actualize and release our true being and potential.


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