Feast of Christ the King


O God
We do well to join all creation
in heaven and on earth in praising you
through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
For you have made us in your own image
and set us, as stewards, over creation.
Once you chose a people and gave them a destiny and,
when you brought them out of bondage to freedom,
they carried with them the promise
that all people would be blessed,
that all people were called to be free.
What the prophets pledged was fulfilled in Jesus Christ,
your Son and our saving Lord.
It has come to pass in every generation
for those who have believed
that Jesus, by his death and resurrection,
gave them new freedom in his Spirit.
It happened to our ancestors
who came to this land as if out of the desert
into a place of promise and hope.
It happens to us still, in our time, as you lead men and women,
through your church to a vision of solidarity and peace
for all of your sons and daughters.
So, with hearts full of love,
we ask your blessing of healing and wholeness
upon our world, our country, our family
through Christ our Lord.

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1 Response to Feast of Christ the King

  1. Jose Raoul Dizon says:

    It’s a beautiful classic prayer Verne, one that would surely please God. Thanks for sharing it with us

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