King. Prophet. Priest.


King. Prophet. Priest.
These are the offices that the Church ascribes to the Christ.

In a world of democratically elected leaders,
who are savvy in social media to keep them attuned
to the pulse and heart beat of their people;
Christ as King, Prophet and Priest, might seem and look like an anachronism.

Kings, once powerful and mighty,
are now ceremonial heads for the most part.
Prophets, once revered and held in awe, are all gone.
Priests, once sought after for good counsel,
are reeling from various recent financial and sexual scandals.

But I just could not get the images nor their meanings they evoke
out of my mind and my consciousness.
A prophet, to me, is one who proclaims the truth as he sees it
– no matter the consequences.
A priest celebrates the truth that has been given to him
and makes  everything that is true and good sacred.
And a king makes things happen by decreeing something to be the truth.

Christ, the King, the Prophet and the Priest, came to proclaim the truth that is life.
That life is stronger than death.
That he came so that we can live life to the fullest.
That there is more to life than what we experience in this valley of tears.
That I shall not die but will live forever.
And that is the truth.
Truth is often so simple and straightforward,
that we find it difficult to accept it for what it is,
looking for a catch somewhere.

No, Christ is not an anachronism for me.
As King, Prophet, and Priest,
He speaks the truth that deep in my heart I already know.
He frees me from my fears
and makes sacred and holy everything I am and do.

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