The Gift of Time


In my quiet moments, I enjoy looking back to memories of the past, both happy and sad, and how these have brought color into my life
and helped me become the person I that I am today.
I still have my dreams and aspirations for the future.
especially for and with those people and things
who are the reasons why I would get up in the morning.
But memories are in the past and are no more;
they exist only in my mind and in my heart.
My dreams and aspirations are in still the future and are not yet;
they exist only in my imagination and in my will.
The only reality I truly have and can work upon is the present, my here and now.
Life is a great gift and it exists only in the present.
Everything I am and everything I have is but the present.
Sure, I got here because of where I was in the past
and it is from here that I will walk into my future.
But everything that happens to me happens in the here and now.
Here is the best time to be happy.
Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.
Now is the best time to be good.
Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.
I will relish the present moment with deep gratitude
and make it count like it were my only moment,
thus, making it my eternity as well.

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