Proclaiming Christ in the Midst of Lies

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There is so much conflict, turmoil and violence in the world today
– in and among individuals,
in and among families,
in society and the different sectors in it,
in and among nations.
The division is even more sharp and pronounced in my Philippines,
which is even made more pronounced
because of the sea of lies and falsehoods that are peddles by almost everyone.

We all long for peace.
Yet, there cannot be peace unless there is justice.
And then, Christ challenges us to work beyond justice
and temper it with compassion and mercy.
This is where it really gets problematic.
People will take advantage if you do that
and then there is even greater injustice.
Christ says: “I know; but do it anyway.”
He did and he ended up on the cross.
Is the cross then an utter folly
or the fullness of love and wisdom?

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4 Responses to Proclaiming Christ in the Midst of Lies

  1. What do you mean by the sea of lies and falsehood peddled by almost everyone?

  2. Oh I thought you were talking about the Philippines! Fake news is just as prevalent here as in the US! But not just about everyone is peddling these lies – it is being done mostly by the camp of the present administration!

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