The Evil Among Us


There is evil in the world and it is alive and active in many places,
among many people, in many different events.
It feels like reason and even basic common sense have fled human hearts
and have turned us all into brutish beasts.
Irrationality and pure instinctual behavior are the new normal.
Like, we have transformed our cities into the jungles we came from.

It is easy to be enraged and indignant over big crimes and scandalous wrongdoings:
great injustices, extreme cruelty, massive frauds and corruption.
Those who should lead us morally and righteously
are the very first to break and flaunt the rules of basic human decency.
It feels like we are a herd of crazed animals,
rushing headlong into our common destruction.

And in the midst of such widespread breakdown of reason and morality,
it is easy to overlook small and petty bad behavior.
I sometimes catch myself feeling envy over the good fortune of others,
or feeling schadenfreude over their misery,
or nurturing hurts and refusing to forgive others.
These tend to fester and weaken my spirit in the long run.

I am as much in need of grace and salvation
as those I would condemn for their wrongdoings.
Lent is a good time to reflect on this reality.
The coming spring holds out the promise of our enduring capacity for renewal.

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